Pawtrait your dog

Perfect for anyone who loves their dog.

As a dog lover myself I constantly take pictures of our gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, affectionately known as Shrimp and wanted to provide a fun and friendly experience for other like minded dog owners where we can work together to create some amazing pictures that you'll treasure forever.

What I offer...

Combining a fun and friendly experience with value for money.

Included is...

  • Fun & friendly Pawtrait experience for you and your dog.
  • All images individually edited.
  • Beautifully presented 12 x 8 fine art print of your choice.
  • Password protected web page.
  • Turn your pictures into amazing wall art with the help of Sheffield's finest printer, lots to choose from.
  • Option to download for those that prefer the digital images.

Amazing value at £40

Here's a picture of our very own Shrimp to kick off pictures off my Pawtrait club members gallery.

Below is Pawtrait club member Manni who is lovely and very lucky as he was rescued from another country and is very much loved by his owner.

Below is Pawtrait club member Kai a gorgeous black lab who provided us with this cracking picture.

Below is Pawtrait club member Buddy a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel who as you can see loves the camera.

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Below is Pawtrait club member Ivan, I'll not lie it was a challenge but as you can imagine this picture looked amazing printed.

Below is Pawtrait club member Digby and stunning Fox Red Lab who as you can see is gorgeous.

Below is Pawtrait club member Luna, if someone had videoed us trying to get this images it would be comedy gold. This was the very last picture taken as I new what I wanted and this is what we got.

Below is Pawtrait club member Bella, just look at that hair.

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Below is Patrait club member Jeremy aka Jeremy Beagle (if you're old enough you'll get it)

If you like what you see please get in touch by selecting the contact option or call me on 07796754479

Thank you Rich.

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